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Book-B is the practice book. All the concepts, which were explained in Book-A of this level, have been given here for thorough practice. Dailly practice tracker has been given in the start of this book. Daily practice of 10 minutes is mandatory for the students. The “Dictation Book” for oral practice is also available here. There are many ways to teach numbers to kids. Abacus is a great tool to teach your child simple math such as counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and even division. This is the “B” book of Level-7. Other than the topics of Plus/Minus/ Multiplication/ Division/Square/BODMAS which were covered in Level-6, this level contains DECIMALS and percentage (%) also. It contains multiplication of triple-digit multiplicand with a double as well as a triple-digit multiplier. BODMAS formulae have been explained in detail here.

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