Abacus Level 1 and Cursive Writing Class -4 combo


Abacus Level 1 and Cursive Writing Class -4 combo

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This is a combo pack of Abacus Level 1 and Cursive writing Class 4 books. These books contain a detailed explanation of the concept. Abacus book contains examples with pictographic explanation, showing beads movement. Cursive writing book places special focus on small letters, which are tough to master and required widely as a basic skill. The book helps children of class-4 practice and perfect small & big letters of the English language in cursive style. It helps in developing steady handwriting.

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This is a combo pack of Abacus Level 1 book and Cursive writing class-4 book. Both are activity-based books. There are many ways to teach numbers to kids. Abacus is a great tool to teach your child simple math such as counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and even division. Level-1 covers the topics of Plus and Minus of single digits numbers. Along with Abacus, your kid can now learn elementary cursive writing also. This self-help practice book comes as an appropriate way to introduce children into the world of writing in cursive characters. Written in simple language and covering all aspects of the skill, the book equips children with one of the most basic skills useful for their schooling. Cursive writing book specifically focuses on perfecting small & big letters.

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