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7 Egg Boiler, Instantly cooks, Electric Egg boiler, Egg Poacher

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Apni Market presents a great egg cooker Boiler for you! You can eat eggs anytime anywhere you like. Egg Boiler boils up to 7 eggs to perfection for each time. Cook to your taste – hard, medium, or soft boiled. The chicken cooker stopped automatically when eggs are cooked done. Convenient and safe to use. Its automatic cut-off function switches off the device once the eggs are boiled, saving you the hassle of checking it at regular intervals to see if the eggs are boiled and then turning it off. Goodway Electric Egg Cooker also saves electricity. You can boil a maximum of 7 eggs at a time. This Instant Egg Boiler from Nova is an all-new appliance with a flat heating plate that helps in boiling eggs faster than any other ordinary egg cooker. The device is ideal for your homes, hostels as well as hotel rooms. This egg boiler is an ideal appliance to fulfill your nutritional needs.

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Dimensions 17 × 17 × 17 cm

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