Classic Pitthu game. Ideal outdoor game. Includes 7 Pitthus and 2 plastic balls. Safe for children. Skill Development & concentration

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Lagori is a traditional activity toy, a game also called “Pile the 7 Tiles”, which involves “Hitters” and “seekers”. It is also known as “Pitthu” or “Nargolio”. It is a thrilling outdoor game that can enliven picnics and is a great way to spend some exciting moments with family and friends. It involves 2 teams with a ball and flat stones/wooden blocks, one team will knock down the blocks and will try to restore the pile of blocks while the other team will try to throw the ball at the opposing team. Skills developed: Concentration, physical development, team building, hand-eye coordination, strategy building, and social skills Hours of fun and excitement. Fun to play with this beautifully Lagori/seven stones set in your outdoor. Ideal and perfect gift for kids above 5 years and adults. Lagori also known as seven stones or Pitthoo, is one of the oldest and most popular games played in India. Easy to store and carry with 7 blocks of the same sizes measuring 7.5×7.5×3. This game is full of excitement and fun enjoyed by everyone.

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