Quick Chopper-with Twin Blades


1. 100 % ABS Plastic and Stainless Steel Blades and Safe to Use: Our stainless steel blades can cut all kinds of vegetables with ease. Our plastic bowls are BPA-free and safe to contain food. 2. A Smart way to chop vegetables with ease for vegetables. Easy to Clean: All of our parts are water washable. You can clean up easily by rinsing the blades and the bowl with water after every use. 3 Fast and perfect chopping, safe, healthy, and comfortable soft-grip lid. Easy pull cord, large handle for easy leverage unbreakable abs food-grade plastic. 4 Convenient pull cord mechanism and a non-slip base to ensure an effortless chopping action.

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Apni Market Presenting Twin Vegetable Chopper Blender This multipurpose hand chopper tackles garlic, onions, tomatoes, other vegetables, and a variety of liquid components. The complete food prep system arrives with four interchangeable mixing accessories and an airtight lid with a built-in pull handle. With just a few brisk tugs, you’ll enjoy chef-quality cuts for a yummy salad, salsa, sauce, or side dish. From the kids’ lunch snack to freshly whipped cream for your homemade desserts, anything is possible with this magic mixing machine. Versatile kitchen tool with its multifunctional design, this all-in-one unit easily converts to meet all your chopping, grinding, blending, and whisking needs.

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Weight 0.400 kg
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 10 cm

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